The Arkansas Waterwagon

The first and only state licensed drinking water delivery service in Arkansas.

What We Do

Simple, up-front pricing on delivery of safe, clean drinking water. Sourced from municipal water supplies, delivery fee is $200 per trip within Marion County. Call for pricing to neighboring counties or further.

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Arkansas Waterwagon

Yellville, AR 72687
P: 6824102313

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Drinking / household water

As the only licensed drinking water delivery service in the state of Arkansas, we can deliver safe, clean drinking water directly to your location. Contact us today to schedule your delivery.

Swimming Pools

Don't run your well dry or rack up a huge city water bill filling your pool this summer; call us to schedule your fill up and save both time and money.

Livestock / ponds

Keep your livestock watered or your pond healthy, even in dry periods. We're here to help when you need us.